# Minisink Side Chair (Set of 2) Today Only Sale

Minisink Side Chair (Set of 2)

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Within 1953, industrialist J. Irwin Callier and his wife, Xenia, commissioned an extraordinary modernist triumvirate to create their home within Columbus, Indiana: Eero Saarinen created the house, Alexander Girard fashioned the particular interiors, and Dan Kiley required on the landscape architecture. Even Charles and Ray Eames collaborated within the project, producing an outdoor furniture collection, which was later put into production with Herman Miller as the Eames Light weight aluminum Group, and which has been restored in outdoor format. Offering easy convenience paired with a refined, supportive, plus slender profile, each piece is placed on the series’ original 4-star foundation. Upholstered in a state-of-the-art Outdoor Place that is porous, fast drying, long lasting, and PVC-free, the seats are usually held in tension between throw aluminum members.

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Minisink Side Chair (Set of 2)
Minisink Side Chair (Set of 2)

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